Digital Radiology


Digital radiology enhances traditional x-ray technology to acquire the image, but the new technology digitizes the images which allows them to be viewed from anywhere at any time. The digital images can also be adjusted after they are taken, allowing our radiologists to scrutinize the images even further.

Southern California Veterinary Imaging uses the top-of-the-line Eklin Digital Imaging System with Merge technology that merges all of our imaging technology onto one server. This means we can compare multiple sets of radiographs, CT scans, ultrasounds, and MRIs side by side on the same computer monitor from anywhere the internet is available.

This technology also allows us to offer instant visualization of digital radiographs at all our partner practices across the country. This means that a veterinarian in our partner practice can review their x-rays in-house, while a second review of the radiographs can be conducted by a board-certified radiologist.


Abdominal ultrasounds and thoracic radiographs are excellent screening tests for middle-aged to older pets for detection of disease at an early treatable stage.