"I just love the photos! She is a wonderful, sweet girl who can also display a "dark side" if she isn't getting her way. If I'm talking on the phone, she loves to pull the earpiece out of my ear. And if I'm on the computer, she really thinks it is a perfect place to lay down. She has a great personality.

She is doing so-o-o well. I had a little concern Sunday night since she vomited some food. I think that she ate too much and it didn't agree with her-she wasn't very hungry the next morning. I called and reported it to Chris. And I'm happy to say since then, Popcorn is great! Her energy level has perked up, she is eating well, using her litter box and seems to be picking up some weight. Buddha (the boy) is very happy to have her back.

I really appreciate the photos, they will go into the family album. And I also appreciate the wonderful care that Dr. Schochet, you and all of the staff gave to Popcorn and me. The thorough communication about the procedure and the daily updates really reduced the separation anxiety. I may have mentioned that on Dec. 31st I had to bring into the Critical Care another of my cats, Cinnamon-17 years old, and make the difficult decision to release her from her illness. Again, my experience was compassionate and caring.

So, thank you and many blessings to you, the staff and the critters you care for!!!

Warm regards,



"When I took Raja to So Cal Vet Imaging, the care and personal attention he received was unparalleled. The doctors and staff were warm and kind, and really understood that Raja is not just my pet, but a member of my family. I received updates on his condition constantly during his stay, and my questions were always answered thoroughly and patiently by anyone I spoke with. Raja has now been home for a month, and is looking and feeling great! I can't say enough wonderful things about So Cal Vet Imaging, and am so grateful for the care they gave my handsome boy.

Thank you so much!"



"Thank you so much!!!

She is doing just great, home and totally adjusted just fine, she survived the heat these past few days. And I'll be bringing her into our vet for her month checkup blood draw on the 15th of October (just made the appointment).

Hope that you guys are well, thanks again for taking such great care of her and I will for sure tell Tammy you guys say hi."


"Thank you so much for the pictures of Davey. They indicate that he enjoyed his time with you, and this is a welcome surprise, because he has never been away from home and is very shy with strangers. But he does warm up to people. I am so glad he was able to adapt to the circumstances and I know you did a lot to earn his trust and make him feel welcome. Rachel Schochet started to relax him right away with her expert petting, which he loved. The most stressful part of the experience was probably the trip to and from the hospital in the car to Santa Monica, where I live. Thanks again. I love not having to give him that awful methimazole.


"Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for the pictures of Pancho - he's not easy to photograph and I don't usually have much luck, so it's great to have these. I have printed off one of his close-ups to send to my mother in England - Pancho is a particular favorite of hers!

He seems to be doing well. I noticed immediately that he wasn't as ravenous and didn't wolf down food as if it was his last meal on earth. He still begs for food every time I'm in the kitchen, but that might be more a bad habit! :-] I don't see any signs of weight gain yet, but I know that takes a while longer. He is regaining his energy and chutzpah (which means he's beating up his brother again!), and is very affectionate (at 3 a.m. perhaps too affectionate!)

I will be happy to send photographs of him when he's fatter and back to normal, and I can only say how grateful I am for your care of him. It wasn't just that you treated him and gave him attention, but you really were wonderful about patiently explaining everything to me (and probably to him) and being involved with him and his treatment - I am very grateful. I think the pictures you took speak volumes for your care - he wasn't afraid or stressed out, he was quite relaxed and even content under the circumstances.

I have so many reasons to be grateful to the City of Angels group - at least yourselves and ACC -- and couldn't recommend your services highly enough to anyone. Quality care by kind people who really love animals. And the daily update calls were a great comfort - they were never simply "he's doing fine" - they were always filled with the little details that meant so much to me.

Thank you all for everything you did for Pancho - and for me!

All the best,